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Louise Bourgeois

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Ben Thomas

“Die Neue Romantik Zophe”, ELLE Germany, June 1993

mom made me feel better by saying that I have a “Slavic soul” meaning a tendency towards melancholy and nostalgia¬†

dear world, i am sorry for panicking 

or maybe……….use my savings to buy myself a one week vacation somewhere far away

a stranger sleeping on the train / my grandpa napping with his cat

really beautiful rocks in Crimea

missing it


I got into Ukraine late in the evening after 30 hours of travel and about 2 hours of sleep. I was looking forward to sleeping most of the day, but woke up early to a text from my translator: “School begins today. So if you can find a school by 9 AM, you’ll find Ukrainian children with flowers in their hair.”(Kiev, Ukraine)